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Strategic Planning HIT Executive Consulting

Business Strategy


Business consulting firms must understand their client and their client's business before they can assist them in meeting their goals. Only then can we truly see the issues facing the company and recommend actions for opportunities that may lie ahead.

We typically see one of five major "asks" from our clients.


  • "Check Up" - Let me know what you find that confirms what I already know or brings up issues or opportunities that I was unaware of because I am too close.

  • Reinvent/Reimage - We need to become something different to take advantage of the market, our products, or the economy. (Also known as "pivoting")

  • MA talks - We would like to know what we have to do to look attractive for us to be acquired, or if we should acquire another company(s).

  • "Help" - This is the "Restaurant Impossible", or "Bar Rescue" scenario where the owner or executive knows there are major issues and they need assistance keeping things together and developing and executing a plan to keep the company viable.

  • Business Plan Development - This is typically in preparation for venture capital or some other type of funding.


How It Works


Our methodology focuses on key questions and listening! We work through your:


  • Mission, Vision and Values

  • Goals

  • Get to know your business

  • Operations Assessment

  • Recommendations and Review


It is very important to realize that this is just the START of your journey! Now you have to execute the recommendations to get where you are going!

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That is where HIT Executive Consulting Business Services step in to help you achieve your goals!


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