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Executive Mentorship




Your ability to make decisions and lead your company is the foundation for your success! However, it is very difficult when you don't have anyone to discuss ideas and decisions with concerning the direction of your company.

HIT Executive Consulting provides mentorship for first time executives as well as someone to bounce ideas off of around decisions that impact your company. We have worked with dozens of leaders discuss everything from product direction, corporate culture, hiring and firing decision, purchase decisions, and company goals and strategies. Sometimes it is an AR issue and you have payroll staring at you next week... or tomorrow!

We can assist you with these issues and help you navigate with good, solid business decisions that will help your company now and in the future.

We can provide:


  • 24/7 Support for you because business never stops!

  • Bi Weekly meetings to continually review and evaluate your situation so that we mitigate the risk of surprises!

  • Training for you around Business rules and laws of success.

  • Training for Female Executives and Owners that is tailored to you!

  • Accountability Training for you and your organization.

  • Communications Training to keep your organization talking to each other.

  • Training on Highly Effective Teams.

  • Negotiations, how to make sure you get the value you need every time


For a confidential conversation concerning your mentorship or training needs and how we can help, contact us today!


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