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We Make the Certification Process Easy (er)
 (WBENC WBE Certification, DOT DBE Certification, MBE, VBE, State and Local Certifications.)

Why Hire A Certification Consultant

Why HIT Executive Consulting?

98% Approval Rate

40% to 50% of applicants are denied for MBE, DBE, or WBE Certification for failing to prove documented ownership, management and control, or other reasons.

Expert Review

Our QA Process includes review by a Business Strategist, Certification Subject Matter Expert (SME), and if necessary, Attorney and/or Accountant.


Quick Submission

Most WBE, DBE, and MBE Certification Applications only take 4-6 weeks from Project Kick Off to Application Submission using our services!

For over 11 years, HIT Executive Consulting has worked with hundreds of Companies specializing in Business Certifications (including WBE, DBE, and MBE Certification), Business Assessments, Executive Mentorship, Business Services, Company Valuations and assisting companies with the Business Certification Process.

UAMMI Supplier
Diversity Certification
(SDC) Mentorship


HIT Executive Consulting is proud to create the SDC Mentorship Program for the Utah Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Initiative, UAMMI. UAMMI is a federal and state funded initiative helping companies connect and grow within Utah’s advanced materials and manufacturing industry. This 10-week program walks qualifying companies through the certification process while featuring speakers from the Women’s Business Center of Utah, SBA-Utah District Office, WBEC-West, iMpact Utah, and various currently certified Utah companies. The program goals are to provide mentorship, resources, assistance, and guidance to identify the benefits of certification and to review step-by-step the qualifications and required documentation to complete the certification process successfully.
The program is funded by the Utah-MEP, in a partnership with HIT Executive Consulting, Inc.
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Current Certification Clients

     Get Started Now!         30 Minute Consultation!


No Obligation Discussion with a

Certification Subject Matter Expert

* HIT Executive Consulting is not affiliated with the WBENC, NWBOC, NMSDC, USWCC, NGLCC, DOT or any other third party certifier. For Certifications, we only work with businesses with qualified individuals who are 51% owners, manage, and control their company, or are in the process of meeting the minimum criteria. Qualification for one Certification does not necessarily mean an individual will qualify for other Certifications. Qualifying as a qualified individual does not guarantee approval as there is much more to the process. Please contact us for more details.

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